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PerfectMotion, your on-call coach
Setting up PerfectMotion is easy
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Set Up

1. Set phone on stand or lean against head cover, angled up at you.
2. Set ball ~2ft in front of your phone.
3. Select a club and a level (L1 easiest).
4. ‘START TRAINING’ and follow the voice prompts thru impact.
5. Jump to MotionMaps to see analysis of your swings.


  • Use earbuds for the best experience.
  • MotionMaps are created at impact for every club except for putts.
  • In Live or Putt mode, reset your address position by looking to target.
  • To adjust dexterity or countdown delay between shots, tap ‘MORE SETTINGS’ while training.
  • If you’re warned to step forward and the to step back, try tilting your phone back a little.

Known Issues

  • Sun shining directly onto phone from behind you.
  • Other faces in view of camera.
  • Hats pulled down low and some sunglasses.
  • Low light and/or hats indoors.
  • iPhone heating up (heed warning icon).